Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaningWe can restore your driveway and patio back to its former glory with our professional pressure washing service. Why throw away your money on a new drive or patio when we can refurbish your existing one and bring it back to its former glory at a fraction of the cost.

Giving your driveway and patio a new lease of life

We can quickly and easily refresh most things that look unsightly with the aid of a little water and a lot of pressure! Removing stains, weed, lichen and algae quickly, safely and efficiently.

A little oil on the floor isn’t the end of the world and certainly doesn’t warrant a new driveway or patio. We can usually remove the oil with the aid of specialist chemicals. We can add a new lease of life to your driveway, patio, path or terrace by simply restoring it and bringing it back to its best. With our high-powered pressure washer we can clean block paving, printed concrete, tarmac and both natural and flagstone pavers.

How do we refurbish your driveway or patio?

Using our petrol driven pressure washer and a combination of a rotary cleaner and turbo lance we soon have all the dirt, weeds, moss and algae removed from your driveway and patio. Our machines are capable of delivering 21 Litres of water per minute effectively cleaning dirt, weeds, moss and algae away quickly bringing your driveway or patio back to its former glory.

For natural stone both colour enhancer and natural sealants are available whilst for flagstone a natural sealant is available.

We can also clean walls, decking, garden furniture and just about anything else with our high powered, variable pressure machines.

Weed Killer

We call approximately 7 days before we intend to pressure wash your driveway to apply a generous coat of weed killer, giving it time to work into the roots of any weeds and start to do its job. It’s ok pressure washing a weed out but we want to kill the roots off first

Pressure Washing

We want to make sure it’s clean and in the case of block paving, it’s had a good amount of debris cleaned out between each joint

Let it dry is the secret

It’s no good trying to sweep kiln dried sand into damp or wet joints. It’s just going to clog up and not sink down each joint causing the bricks to wobble and potentially move

Compacter Plate

Vibrating the bricks and causing them to wobble helps the kiln dried sand drop down between the joints. This process can be repeated as often as necessary until we are happy they are filled up to the brim


We would always recommend a couple of coats of sealant to protect the clean surface, adding a protective layer stopping your driveway or patio getting dirty again so quickly and the weeds growing back

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