Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer a full solar panel cleaning service to keep your panels in tip top condition, giving you the maximum return on your costly investment! We use our specialist pure water cleaning system to remove all the un-wanted substances that may have built up on your panels over time.

Traffic dust, pollution and even bird droppings can effect the amount of sunlight that your panels will receive and the output of electricity that they will produce, the more dirt, the lower the productivity. Obviously this can play a big part towards how much you will save on electricity each year.

“The loss of energy attributable to dirty solar panels may range as high as 30% in some areas of the country” according to the National Renewable Laboratory.

The financial impact of clean solar panel is immediate, the more electricity produced by the panels the less your energy provider will bill you.

They may even end up owing you!

Unfortunately, rain or simply spraying your panels with water from a garden hose will not effectively clean your panels. When it rains does you car suddenly become clean and clear of all dirt and bird droppings? The answer is obviously no, it needs more than a simple water spray or rinse, it needs a more substantial clean, solar panels are no different.

They are exposed to the elements and the outdoor environment everyday, so regularly cleaning your solar panels is extremely important to maximize their efficiency and useful life.

How much will it cost?

Solar panel cleaning depends on a few simple factors: accessibility and current condition.

As a rough guide, in most cases it costs £2 per panel.

We can organise a one off clean or a more regular 6/12 monthly clean.

To arrange a free no obligation quotation, give Sparkley Kleen a call today or click here to contact us and one of our team members will call you back.
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