Window Cleaning

Thinking of hiring a window cleaner ? Have you considered if he or she is insured, criminal record checked (CRB) and is trustworthy to attend your property if you should be out.

At Sparkley Kleen, we have taken the headache of this away for you. We only use professionals that are passionate about their job and not just because they want a job, our staff are employed and we don’t use sub-contractors or any odd job men, our vehicles are sign written and our staff have company work wear making them easily identifiable.

We use HOT 100% pure water to clean your windows. Our hot water systems are variable temperature and can reach up to 72 degrees to clean the dirt away from your windows, doors, frames and sills leaving a good streak free finish. Imagine washing your pots with cold water, would it have the same effect as hot water?

Your windows, doors, frames and sills turn out clean time after time and we don’t just do a rush job to move onto the next. If your not completely happy with any window we have cleaned within a 48 hour time period then give us a call and we will come back again.

Having a window cleaner isn’t as expensive as you may think, our prices start from as little as £6 per clean to keep your windows, doors, frames and sills clean. When you look at it like this, it becomes affordable to have clean windows all year round and takes the hassle out of trying to do it yourself.

We use the reach and wash pure water system. This window cleaning method has revolutionised the cleaning industry as its benefits far outweigh other cleaning methods. We use 100% pure water that we purify ourselves, which is then pumped up through our carbon fibre telescopic poles, to the brush that we use to clean your windows, ensuring a smear free result.
With better cleaning results every time, no drips, no marks, no hassle!

The major advantage of pure water is its desire to return to it’s natural state, hence its capacity to absorb and clean large amounts of dirt from your windows, leaving no soap residue for dirt to adhere to, which means your windows will stay cleaner for longer. After cleaning, your windows are swilled down with pure water to get rid of any remaining dirt and left wet to dry naturally.

What’s the advantage of pure water, over traditional methods?

Windows stay cleaner for longer

As we use 100% pure water with no chemicals to leave any soap residue for dirt to stick to

Frames and sills

We always clean your frames and sills at the same time as the glass including your doors at no extra cost

Eliminates the use of ladders

No more banging against your window frames and leaving holes in your grass. Our operators work from the ground level, making it 100% safe, eliminating risks and accidents.

Extra reach

We can reach previously inaccessible windows with ease over conservatories and porches


We can clean skylights and canopies with ease


Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used


Maintains privacy with reduced disturbances

We are very competitively priced so give Sparkly Kleen a call today or click here to contact us and one of our team members will call you back.
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